This is a game inspired by the classic, clunky, but charming type of Roblox from back in the day. Theirs's no set time period I had in mind really, It's more of a combo-mishmash of Roblox from 2004 to about 2010.
I'm still working out the quirks with the game, & placement of models in the map, so please be patient, & feel free to give me any feedback!

If any YouTubers somehow come across this game, I'd love to know what you think of it so far. Maybe someone makes a good video on my game, I can give em' some special perks in the game, and or easter eggs. I'll have to see though.

Tags: Noob, crossroads, brick, battle, sword fight, beta, work in progress, Town, Roblox, city, guest, tix, robux, tickets, happy, home, tycoon, obby, simulator, zone, nostalgia, konekokitten, koneko, Mr gray, city life man.

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