New update: Daily quests!

Welcome to Westbound, an old fashioned cowboy action game! Live the life of a wanted outlaw, make it as a bounty hunter, or even mine and treasure hunt your way to riches. Earn your fame and become a Legend of the West!

👉Beta access buyers get 200 robux of Coyote Coins which is the cosmetic item currency! (400 coins!)

Please keep in mind this is a beta version and is not finished yet. A lot more work still needs to be done! The game will be free at a later date, when it's ready. Be sure to let me know your feedback to help improve the game! 

Special thanks - FouledAnchors, ArthurVMorgan, omuq, Henlehh, CyaIm, iron26, ThomasKimber, Insanecam0, pokot, my playtesters, and YOU! 😄

Please PM me or message me at one of the social links below to give feedback!

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