Welcome to are you Dumb?!? Obby! This game makes you feel like your back in 08-10 with classic blocks to jump over with  an easy pace :)) I Built this back in 2010. if you want more obsticles, message me ideas! why not give it a go? ---------------------------------- if you're looking for my games group,  Games group it's right here! here! =
*Ultra vip* = Get's you all the VIPS in the game!
*Mega gear vip* = Get's you awesome boosting flying gear accses to the game
*Super Vip* = Let's you skip map!
*Tic tac toe vip* = Gives you a tic tac toe board, for more info on the vips, look in the game pass section underneith the game!

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This game does not support VIP Servers.


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