- No, the tycoon does not walk, if It did, it would be very laggy and unplayable.
- Miner bots automatically give you money!

-Update log-
- 8 new weapons!
- 30+ new buttons!
- Added supply drops!
- Added new badge!
- Fixed over saturated lighting in some places of the base
- Added blurs to menu GUI & fixed bug where menu will vanish
- Added tool icons for planes and turrets
- Added a instructional UI for the turrets
- Fixed minor bugs

Like Walking Fortress Tycoon? Join thunder1222 Productions! Located in my group,

The code for this game is located on my twitter, @thunder1222rblx. 

Build an immense futuristic fortress with legs! Buy a war base which contains several different types of armors, and over 20 different weapons! Buy cool hovercrafts to decimate you're opponents with! Buy miner bots which mine the surrounding resources for cash!

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