Come down with your friends and fight in this relaxing and peaceful map to capture all the five checkpoints for victory!
How to play :
You will spawn in a RANDOMIZED team every round. Your goal is to capture all the checkpoints to earn enough points to win the game. Each game lasts up to a maximum of 600 seconds. The checkpoints give you points once captured. 
A few things worth noticing :

All guns do EQUAL damage, The guns also have Headshot damage. The base damage is 20, but headshots count as 30 damage points. 
During rounds, you have to wait for the map to regen. It usually takes a few seconds.
Teams are RANDOMIZED. There is no teamswitch, but in between rounds the teams are changed. 
The map is equally set, and it will get updated in the future.

If you find any bugs or inconveniences,  please PM me your enqu


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