You are an expert in ancient ruin investigation, and you have been tasked to examine a new and strange cavern. Excavated without public knowledge, be the first to step foot inside these expansive caves in over 2000 years! With Andy and Claire on the radio for backup, you'll have all the help you'll need.

[this game may or may not be broken, not sure why some update did something, not sure if im good enough at rbx lua to fix it]

This is an obstacle course! Or an obby as we used to call them back in the day... or do we still. This is the second game in the Artifact series! The first one follows a similar premise and can be found on my profile. It is different in many ways, but the core idea is still there.

There isn't any data persistance for this game. It isn't the longest game in the world, so hopefully you can forgive me for this. If you enjoyed this game, please consider telling your friends about it!

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