----Season: Summer, Winter in the Mountains---- ----Become a Citizen here---- If you join the group "State of Rockport", it enables you to be on the "Citizen" team and drive a Citizen vehicle. ----Car Controls---- Q,E - Blinkers Z,X - Gear Shift City of Lakeshore has one of the most vast terrains in the State! Highways and roads try to cut through the terrain to enable transportation to be possible. This city has Rockport's largest airport. LaRuardia International Airport! There's Highways, Mountain roads, and more! Come take a Visit! ----Car Credits---- Spacek531, xxxMonkeyManxxx ----Place Credits---- DivergentCatxx, mariodragon102, PossessedButStupid, ROplay987, Benda587, Turrance, Adrasteia, coolperson1441, KingOfTheAir610, shawnyg {© Copyright 2015}


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