Mini update: 
- New background music, you can toggle it on or off! 🎵
- Small bug fixes 🔨
- Disabled force field for an better experience ✔️
- Added checkpoint marks, small red flag icons should appear when youre close enough to a checkpoint 🛑
- Changed to voxel lightning 💡
This is the obby world!
This game supports computers as well as phones and tablets!

About obby world:
Explore difficult worlds from candyland with glacier lakes to Volcanic heights with super hot lava!
Choose the difficulty: Easy, Normal or Hard!

If you would like to ''spice up the game'' then you should buy the PREMIUM game pass to get access to special maps!

Make sure to Follow the game so you know when we release new maps or just to get notified about updates!

Have a great time playing with your friends or alone! :)
Fanart by: Snowflake123421 credits to her!
The game creator is: ExistingDragon

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