I will keep the test open until the next test since people are spamming me asking to open it.


 L or middle mouse button = lockon (scroll to switch targets) 

must be locked on to hit ^^ 

C = Charge 

Space = Vanish 

S + LMB = Backhit (When they vanish) 

Hold space to fly + ALT to descend

 LMB + RMB to hit obviously (while locked on) 

1 = Kamehameha 

Q = Ki blast + hold to do a volley 

Movement Keys + Tap Shift - Step Vanish 

Shift - Run/Boost 

Hold Space - Fly 

Block + Q = Grab 

Right Click = Charged Hit- Breaks Stamina If Blocking

Space + LMB = Burst Dash (Press Space again to dash behind them, breaks guard if blocking)

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