In the Grimwood, superstition is the norm! Spread your arms wide and give praise to the malevolent spirits! In this twisted minigame, your only objective is to outlast everyone else through a constant bombardment of supernatural occurrences. Betrayal is inevitable. You will turn on your friends, for the woods will only declare one winner. You want to win, don’t you? Requires 4 people. Inspired by DylanBuildar's Plates of Fate games. Best played with friends.

Type /hide in chat to hide your karma cosmetics, or /show to re-display them. Say !afk to switch between being put into matches or staying as a spectator. Say !music to mute the music (will not mute ambience).

Suggestions? Bug reports? Please let us know! The latest and most stable version of the game is currently v1.3

❗❗❗Being caught exploiting or glitching will earn you a ban. We have a 24 hour moderation team on standby. ❗❗❗

Thanks to GrottyPuff and Bazilton for the fanart thumbnails!

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