{Beta V0.28}
Expect Bugs! 


> Duels! /duel [name]
> Monster Cells!
> New code
> Two new leaderboards (win/loss ratio, total wins)
> Server time label (shutdown every 8 hours)

OPM:A is a game based on the anime One Punch Man

In this game, there are five classes:
〤Ninja: High ranged, strength based class, fast. (Press G to equip the sword).
ツ Superhuman: Low ranged, strength based class, strong skills.
⊷ Cyborg: Medium ranged, energy based class, and reasonable damage.
☾ Esper: High ranged, energy based class, can fly.
⊷ Alien: Medium ranged, energy based class, regeneration.

Basic controls:
Click - punch
B - Sit ups (defense)
N - Squats (stamina)
M - Push ups (strength)
Z - Meditate (energy)
L - Lock-on.

Auto'ing is allowed, however AFK auto'ing is not.

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