Welcome to Left 4 Survival! A fun multiplayer game that allows you to play as a survivor or an infected zombie! Can you survive the infection and claim victory over the zombies?

🎄 The Holiday 2021 Event has arrived featuring new quests, item drops, and a boss fight.
🎁 Earn presents through quests to unbox exclusive holiday rewards on December 25th!
🥶 Watch out for the dangers that lurk in Troubled Tundra!
🎮 Available to play on all major devices including Xbox!
💎 Use Diamonds to permanently enhance your loadout!
🎁 Join the Left 4 Survival Community and receive an addition Pipe Bomb!

Patch 5.8.8_03 has been release rebalancing the Yeti Boss fight, making holiday item drops easier to collect, and fixing some leftover bugs cropped up.

Changelog can now be found in within the game.

For a more comprehensive list of changes, please see: Extended Patch Notes/Future Plans.

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