Use code "TRY SPECTRE" for 10 minute free Spectre game pass demo.
Use code "TRY CHAMELEON" for 10 minute free Chameleon game pass demo.
Use code "TRY 20 MANA" for 10 minute free Double Storage game pass demo.
Use codes "PRIDE", "TRICK", "TREASON", "ECLIPSE", "ORDER", "HEIST", "EXPLOIT", "SPLICE", "CURSE", "VOYAGE" for free tokens.

Xbox support added

♾️ Infinite Tower added.
🛠️ Custom Tower added.
🔒 Reserved Servers introduced. Those replace private servers. Still 100% free!
(to get a private server, use game GUI)

In this game you will be climbing a crazy staircase.

The stairs will disappear, move and rotate. Fear not however, because you can use spells to bend the staircase to your will.

There are 10 main classes and each has 13 spells to speed up your climb or to simply wreak havoc.

What are you waiting for? Click the play button.

Private Servers


This experience does not support Private Servers.


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