【ZORAH】F.E.A.R's Official Forest Outpost. 

【SOCIAL】Check out the links below to F.E.A.R.'s social pages! 

[RAIDING TIMES] Raids can only be official from 10AM ET - 8PM ET

[By joining a server, both F.E.A.R. and Raiders agree to abide by the following terms]: 
- Uniform raiding is prohibited. 
- Do not excessively flame; harassment is not welcome.
 - Anyone on the Raiders team who is also in F.E.A.R. during an official raid will be punished.
 - Glitching / Cheating / Exploiting of any kind is strictly prohibited. - Roaming outside the normal boundaries of the laid out terrain is not allowed.
 - Climbing up on to trees is not allowed. 
- This list is not limited to the rules outlined here. Those who are caught violating any of these terms may be removed from the server by an administrator.

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