[❄️] a blizzard has covered the city, obscuring the view and causing the area to pile up with snow [❄️]

"A Classic Magic adventure to surpass all adventure games" - DONALDO300
"its a little something for everyone" - Gonda45
"its like mcdonalds, but more.. mcdonalds.." - oniicharcoal
"They call me the emoji man." - The Emoji Man
"Juicy, freshly packed burgers at McDonalds today" - Jovancece
"just poop farted, feeling good" - applesauce
"the freshest fishies cars....... and burger" - Creexi
"Forgot to plant the floating tree, bolted that stuff down" - Mazerunnermaster2
"went to the McDonalds establishment and got an unnaturally beefy big mac. they say that they had a unnatural surplus of meat. beef tasted bloody. otherwise excellent time." - himpoo42
"Hello" - Balloon Boy
"The Game" - brakeIess

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