Welcome to Developer School 2. 
Learn to Build. Script and GUI in this new version of dev school thats 
Currently growing into 200+ tutorials! Be fast the price will rise to 49 Robux very soon! As I am writing this it has been updated 169 times the first was updated over 1000 times so as you know there is much to come to this game. There Is currently over 50 tutorials but we will soon update that to 200+ as time passes that is why its called Developer School V2 Hope you enjoy the game!
------------Want to add your own creations to developer school?----------
Not only do we add tutorials but you can add some to the game too just make a tutorial turn it into a model and send Qaxck a link it will be added to the game with your name on it. 
By: PikeRB, Galaxxyss, ImMrZed and Qaxck (If you read this far thank you!) 

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