Rules for Fort Hero. 
By entering Fort Hero you are agreeing to abide by these rules. 
- No exploiting or hacking, you will be permanently banned. 
- No spamming, toxicity, flaming, or trash talking, you will be muted for the remainder of the event. 
- Raid leaders do not shout to talk, this will result in the removal of your admin for the remainder of the event. 
- No auto wins can be claimed at this fort, we believe in only giving and receiving wins that are earned. 
- No pre-flooding, if the raiding side owns more than half the server it will be shutdown. Come at the agreed time.
- Spawn killing is prevented by protected spawns, spawn camping is allowed. 

All spawns, swords and payload speeds have been tests, and been proven equal and fair. 

- Empress April, Leader of Military and Defense. 

Credit to the following: 
Builder: RBLX_Devizire
Scripter: Kuas

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