FTR is a fan-made game based off of Hiro Mashima's work (support him by watching/reading his creations <3), created by Mintacle, Darkkanoe and Mostah along with various other helpers. Likes/favourites are appreciated! FTR "World" server is HUGE so it may take some time to load. Just be patient while you wait as this game was intended ### ### ######## dew gamers with an OP set up. Level cap is 100 - when reached you can't train stats higher because that would make your level exceed the cap.. Quests, Lost Magics and Bosses are yet to be added. Pls don't dislike the game because you're not getting the magic you wanted, judge the game on it's quality. Join this group for double XP on weekends, ability to redeem codes and for more info on updates: NOTE: If it doesn't save data because you lose connection/lag = not my problem Fairy Tail Reborn

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