⚠ Loosing cars and money is possible. By joining the game you except these conditions ⚠

Update 5-23-23
-Countryside map expansion
-Dealership sign change

Update 3-11-23
-Updated vehicles: Tahoe, Yukon, DTS, and Motorhome
[New sounds, systems, functions, etc.]
-New 2011 DTS
-First person unlock [Right-shift]

Update 2-5-23
-Updated highway bridge and school
-Graphics upgrade

Update 1-15-23
-Snow removed
-Chef job fix
-Trailer freeze fix

Update 12-24-22
-Neighborhood area redone!

Update 11-15-22
-XBOX support

Update 11-12-22
-Police station

Update 10-18-22
-Two story house

Update 9-2-22
-Garbage job
-Sell cars

August '22
-Order pizza
-FOV bar
-Concrete job
-New cars; Suburban, Mustang, G6, Camaro, Escape, Equinox, Impala, and Motorhome

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