This park's progress began on 3/6/2010 and the park opened on 7/18/2011
Yes, I DO have proof this isn't free models. Look up my channel on YT. Welcome to bloxxican falls water park!   This waterpark will take you from the pool, to the raider!  This waterpark has a realistic bowl, halfpipe and even a mountain slide!  Dont you hate those hot summer days?  Then take a blast on the plunger!  A realistic drop box slide!  Arent you sick of those unrealistic bowls?  Then try the tropical twister! We even have a unique raceing slide! Ride down as you try to win the race!  Also, try the all-new tidal wave, a realistic watercoaster! This has it all!  [We are not responsible for any injuries, concussions, or tube flips, or deaths. :o]

Note to self
92 = normal
91 = winter
87 = halloween

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