UPDATE IN 2020???
Made the quick time event buttons scaled more properly so it wouldn't be impossible to play on computers

This game will no longer be extended, there will only be 2 chapters, unless if there's a chance I can start a bussiness with this (very unlikely lol)

Game inspired by The Walking Dead and Detroit: Become Human
Created by Valualty (me) 
Help from raumil99999
Story and characters by ObliviousHD
If you enjoy this game, please like and favorite and also share with other people you know! It really means a lot to me! 

TAGS: the last guest ; 2 ; 3 ; story game ; telltale ; tell ; tale ; oblivious ; oblivioushd ; guest 666 ; roblox ; flamingo ; kreekcraft ; nathorix ; konekokitten ; denis ; minecraft ; detroit become human ; the walking dead ; the last guest 2 ; the last guest 3 ; the last guest story game ; the last guest telltale ; the last guest tell ; the last guest tale ; the last guest oblivious ; the last guest oblivioushd ; the last guest guest 666

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