Build up your Military Base! A classic Tycoon: gain in-game Cash with Droppers, eliminating Soldiers🔫, collecting Cash Crates💵 and achieving Milestones! ⚔️And fight with other players⚔️, or team up🏳️! Don't worry about leaving, your progress saves!

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Annoyed of people oofing you or experiencing lag? Use the FREE Private Server!

Don't forget to check my group👪, Legacy Tycooning at: If you join this group you receive a bonus💰 $ 1 000 in-game once every Rebirth and a free Dropper on the second floor of your Tycoon!

Premium benefits: get a bonus💰 $ 2 000 once every Rebirth and a regenerating Coin which gives free Cash in-game periodically!

Patch Notes🛠️:

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