A fan-made recreation of the Splatoon series
• Participate in 4v4 turf wars
• Buy and equip new weapons from the shop in the square
• Play on several recreations of maps from the series
• Explore Inkopolis Square in ways you normally can't

If you speak another language and see an incorrect or missing translation, contact me.

Map credits:
Blackbelly Skatepark by @Noobot9k (me)
MakoMart by @Topercessen
Port Mackerel by @AMSASH123
Inkblot Art Academy by @Topercessen
Undertow Spillway by @IckershackACK
The Reef by @iiiProzmike

Tags: Splatoon, Splatoon 2, Splatoon 3, Splatwo, Squid, Turf War, Splat, Splattershot, Inkling, Splatana


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