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A classic ROBLOX game from the past, back in 2020 and better than ever 💥!

Your goal is simple: survive any tornado that comes your way. Easy, right? Prove it! 👀

Lots of different types of tornadoes can occur, such as:
-INFERNADO (Fire tornadoes!) 🔥
-CHOMPNADO (Tornadoes that launch out sharks -- ... yeah, that one movie) 🦈

Not only are tornadoes your only danger... Lightning storms ⚑, fire 🔥, and even tsunamis 🌊 make their way into this ultimate survival game! So gear up, and get out there! Remember, Mother Nature has no mercy.

Update Log [4/6/2020] 📘:
-Baseplate Map Removed
-Bug fixes


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