DON'T enter anything inappropriate. Results in a ban.
I'm not responsible for what players write/answer in the game. This game has user-generated content.

[UPD] There's a new mode called "YIAY: The Game" where you normally answer 4 questions, and the winner of those rounds will compete in "Are You Funnier than a Game?"!

See that question in the game? Answer it in the funniest way possible. Then you get to vote! The top five answers will have a revote. The final round will have the best of the best compete!

However, there are different types of rounds to play, such as having to use four words, making a fake fact, trying to be funnier than a game, and more!

Based on jacksfilms Twitch show "YIAY Live" 
I am not the creator of YIAY and the soundtrack. The actual YIAY Live gameshow is on Twitch and hosted by jacksfilms.

In-Game FAQ:
Thanks to L0rdRamage & KxraDraws for icons

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