Welcome to [Modded] Project JoJo! 

This is an old copy of the game Project JoJo and therefore doesn't include currency, trading, fusions or gangs (subject to change). To open the menu press "M", this will allow you to view and increase your stats. The max level is 300000 and the max stats are 9 million for each attribute.
[Project JoJo]:
Do not unlock your FPS because it lags the server along with giving you an unfair advantage. FPS unlocking is a bannable offense in public servers but not in private servers.

- Update Log -
[Happy Halloween! The map has been changed to fit the scary vibes more, and some timed Halloween specials are on the way!]

Credit to the owners and devs of Project JoJo, this game wouldn't exist without them.

Developers: Rover845, RasenganSupremo100, fried_oreoss

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