Update [1/24/2021]
- Enabled shadow-mapped lighting
- Controls should be working for Gamepads & Xbox again.
- Added a red-tinted atmosphere to The Stalker's perspective.
- Mobile users can now use the control scheme of their choice!
- 3D displayed items now use Roblox's ViewportFrame class to be rendered.
- Combines are now more dependent on their flashlights rather than the illuminated environment.

In The Stalker you assume the role of an elite UNIT 8 soldier in a galactic empire. You and your team have been sent to exterminate an "experiment that went horrendously wrong", known as The Stalker. He's a nearly invisible mutant hunchback creature with psychic powers, and he'll stop at nothing to devour you, and the rest of your team. The goal is simple: Kill him or be killed.

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