Can you save the reactor from a catastrophic blowout? Namely one of the worst nuclear disasters of all time. 

You will be taken back to 1986 where you and others will be in charge of Unit 4's reactor, inside the CHNPP, the infamous RBMK 1000 nuclear reactor based in Pripyat. Can you keep the coolant on for long enough? Or will you try and hijack the plant and cause the meltdown? 

-This game may not run well on lower end systems. Please adjust graphic settings to increase performance. Updating your OS, software and drivers/firmware may help increase performance.
-If there are any issues you come across, please do notify me via the social link below.

Tags: Chernobyl, Nuclear, Power Plant, Reactor, Core, Meltdown, Blowout, Unit 4, Pripyat

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