A Physics Demonstration for Sonic Eclipse Online
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Map Used: Adio Skatepark, modified to include tracks and all that stuff.
Credit to InkBleed for the original map.

--[Game Controls]--
MOVEMENT - WASD Keys/Control Stick
Pretty self-explanatory, you can move in any direction.

HOMING ATTACK - Spacebar/A Button while airborne
You can use this to dash forward or hit a nearby enemy.

SPIN DASH - Tap or Hold E Key/B Button, then release
You can build up your momentum and start rolling at super speed. 
You can also tap mid-roll to cancel early, use with extreme care.

GRINDING - Jump onto a rail
While grinding, you can jump (A Button) or crouch to accelerate (E Key/B Button).
Use the WASD Keys/Control Stick and press the jump button to rail switch.

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