Last update (dd-mm-yy): 04-02-16
This is the Elevator Collection Building.
Last update:
-Added 1 new elevator!

Previous update:
-Added to chat voice:
+beds | beds are burning
+doge | doge adventure
+dark horse
+prayer | prayer in c
+stereo madness | geometry dash 1
+clutterfunk | geometry dash 11
+dry out | geometry dash 4
+back on track | geometry dash 2
+electrodynamix | geometry dash 15
+electroman adventures | geometry dash 13
+theory of everything | geometry dash 12
+crazy frog
+polargeist | geometry dash 3

Banlist: Jacobtheherofan,rockn00b,Diddleshot (don't think he ever dares to visit this place XD),ConnorClever, baileytonningn00b

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