- In-game Devil Fruit Purchase Sale! 40% off!
- Ghost Ship rare Sea spawn
- Mobs pirate ships Sea spawn
- Ope Ope fix
- Mobile Compatibility with fruit selling
- All Logia Fixed, Stat Raised 60,000

- Fruit Inventory
 Store Fruits with the new Gamepass (CLICK and HOLD FRUITS)
- Gear 2 is now a Key (Move)
- Gear 4!
 Gear 4 Testing, we plan to add more moves to GEAR 4, Remodel 
 the looks of it and power of it.

R☠️-Piece an MMO - RPG - Community - Adventure game. 

Fruits Spawn 40 Mins, Despawns 20 

Game Currently has 14 Fruits: 
Doku, Magu, Moku, Hie, Gomu, Bara, Pika, Mera, Ope, Goro, Gura, Yami, Hito, Tori, 

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