Are you feeling too good? Do you not want to feel so good? Come on down and disintegrate with your comrades. Fun.

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"Amazing" - No One Ever
"I feel so alive right now" - Fortnite Trailer
"Your fists will never reach me" - Lucky Luciano
"This game was amazing! Play this NOW." - Kirby4833
"There can only be one real Thanos.." - Steve7476
"1940: we will have flying cars in the future 2018: I don't feel so good simulator" - test_accountA7
"hi mom, I'm in the description lol" - HurtSupersmashbro
"Gaming has reached it's peak in quality. This is the highest you can limit yourself to." - 1mrnoobzalot
*Elon Musk buys IDFSGS and deletes it* "I had to save these kids from not feeling so good" - Elon Musk

This description would normally be twice as long but..

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