(Main Menu Open, Main Alph Game NOT Released -- COMING SOON)
Welcome to the Kingdom of Bouldara, the 2nd continental kingdom: 
Begin your adventure by determining the color of your aura, magic that reflects your personality. In this mystical land, you can explore, roleplay, fight, or master your magic. If you simply wish to explore, go ahead. If you wish to become a master over magic, the world is your canvas. Be who you want, but be warned, that if you wish to become a powerful character, be prepared to make your stand. Your position is only as great as your magic.

The land of Bouldara is enormous, and uses smooth terrain. It also contains a lot of details. This game is best played in full graphics, but be warned of lag.

 :+: Based on a novel being written by the game creator, all story content within this game is copy written as a "Work in progress". :+:

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