Survive The Plane Crash

You board your flight and get ready to take to the skies, but something ain’t quite right…
Is it a nuke? UFO? Midair collision? Crash landing? Mountain crash? Lightning storm? Tornado?

Experience a plane crash destruction simulator like never before in 4 new airports and a variety of planes!

With 1/1 scale aircraft such as B747, An225, B737, Concorde, Titanic, MD80, Beluga, C130. With animated flaps, landing gear, and realistic aircraft sounds, it's the most realistic, fun and enjoyable plane crash simulator out there!

Scripting support: @mnannago
Enjoy freefalling with liberating skydiving!

For only 30 robux get the VIP game pass!
This gives you access to additional planes such as, Trislander, Private jet, Flying limo and Otter to crash and a VIP island. Board your flight from the VIP lounge.
Other game passes are available in game, such as boombox and parachute.

Can you survive a plane crash ???


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