"... and are at their wit's end" [ Psalms CXXVII. 27. It was once said that the world of dreams was a safe plane of existence attainable through the doorway of sleep. When one passes into that next dimension, transcending the mortal plane, their subconcious produces an alternal reality in which the individual may or may not recall having lived. Wit's End is a world of anachronism and surreality in which the player is trapped through sleep. The mind of a madman puzzles and perplexes the average of intellect. Welcome to the gauntlet of mental capacity, venture forth in vain, for no solution awaits you here. **Note, the hand scripted engine running wits end does not operate, I apologize. Its is a few years outdated at this point in time. Luckily, Time has no relevance to the mad.**


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