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IMPORTANT!: Start driving as soon as you spawn in! Reach the end to win! Touch the purple regen button by spawn if you die! This resets the map! Goodluck!!! 

*In this game, you drive your limo/ family across L.a. while a massive earthquake destroys the city. You must dodge the debris, and get to the plane at the airport. (Click the airplane runway to auto start the jet) *Then fly to Yosemite state park to get the map to china while avoiding meteors and a wall of ash!. *Next you must fly your small plane to Las Vegas to meet up with the Russian billionaire and fly to china in his big plane. (Click the runway to start both planes for autopilot.) 
*Once you do that, crash land on a Chinese mountain, and sneak aboard the giant rescue ship's in the mountain, then travel to Africa to win! Get there before the tidal wave kills you!  Good luck! 

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