2 nominations for the 2014 Hall of Fame.
Nominated for Bloxy awards 2016 Best showcase.

The Elite Builders of Robloxia present our third published build server, Stratosphere Settlement. Explore a floating chain of islands each with unique themes.

Having trouble getting to different islands? Walk over to the transportation hub. Falling off the island drops you at the hub.

Music composed by Caitlyn Fairbairn, played through Gamehero's MIDI player. Credits to DoctorDeleter for the skybox. Major credit to the following people for helping build such an amazing place: Jardicel, ogres, Qiao, LostWinds, Explode1, stuntman007, owen0202, yenyang4, andy6a6, deathgiver23, Pennyz, WhoBloxedWho, DoctorDeleter, Nefix, finwei ,zshakoblah, Superdude52, iZallen, DieSoft, MahPizzaIsHere, Maelstronomer, 3DShooter, mat852, xiareiyu, Ravenshield.


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