* Added Sprinkler tester
* Weather System
* Power System
* Hvac System
* New Wing, With EST Alarms. 
* New Office Furniture
* Science Room has Lab tables Now.
* Emergency drill peeps. 
* False alarm fire trucks.
* class change students.
* Stability improvements.
* Fixed Bell system (Bells ring on time now and Time is back to starting at normal time. )
* Fixed Gym Doors.
Update: September 18th 
* Lockdown feature added
* Classroom Door key added
* Random storm added
* Library Updated 

Lockdown Feature
If lockdown intercom button is pressed lockdown will be enabled.
All Main doors will lock, Gym and café Doors Lock. 
Classroom doors can be locked or unlocked anytime with the Door Key.
Lockdown will stay enabled until the lockdown pull is reset. 

Fixed walktest.

Private Servers

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