Welcome to the Ultimate Fazbear Night RP, or as you may call it, the Ultimate Custom Night RP. Here, you may play as characters from Fazbear Entertainment, hidden characters you can get from badges, or our game-pass morphs. There might also be hidden easter eggs too. We have worked hard to insure you of a great Fazbear experience. 

WARNING: Fazbear Entertainment is not responsible for liability, death, seizures, cringe, or weight gain from sitting in front of a screen for 16 hours.

AND NO BEGGING FOR BADGES, if we gave away the answer it's no fun to have the badge.

Zttack04: Creator
Sayorica: Builder
lil_mojo: Builder
Bluex114: Builder
NooByNoobLordNoob3: Builder and Scripter
FoxyThepowerfulFox: Builder
Scott Cawthon: Creator of FNAF (Didn't actually help with this)
Gommy_Renard: Letting me use some of his models. Thx man

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