Hey Guys it's been about Five years since I worked on this game. Going to clean it up and make it playable and even more fun!

Bugs I haven't fixed:
1. Money doesn't save yet (Cards do).
2. Dueling pops up if there are two people (Not Really a bug but just so people  know that it works lol. 
3. Skins don't load, sometimes load in without any.
Converted player data to a DataStore so now I can do a lot more with the cards.
Almost Done with Duel Disk, currently can place cards on the field and flip them as long as it follows the rules of yugioh. So if you placed it face down you have to wait a turn to flip. Haven't added in battle points or anything like that yet. All you can do is end turns and place on the field. 

Plans for the future: 
 - I will begin to automate dueling so that it will subtract lifepoints deal cards, use abilities for you.

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