Thank you to everyone for being so patient! We hope you enjoy the re-release of the revamp!

Here is what's new:

- Fully redone & re-scripted lift mechanics, there should be no bugs remaining
- Fully redone HUD & all UI interfaces
- New space, winter themed lobby
- LOADS of new features such as sliding & rope swinging
- All old mechanics re-designed
- Round system completely redone
- Maps revamped
- New DAILY leaderboard


Flood Escape Mission is a breakthrough fan made sequel to the Flood Escape franchises. Escape many unique maps created by the community, avoid drowning in water, acid, and even hot boiling lava! Difficulties will increase, and maps will get gradually harder to beat!

Founders: Chaasey & Ap_inity 
Co-Founders: DerpyDervee 
Developers: Lugia731, coolzak35, & IBuildmaster.
Helpers: Enszo, Ethan76167, Eliteaholic, & GreninjaTheMlg.
Music Producer & Voice Actor: Blastii  
Coded Revamp: Pal_ThePro

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