Toonblox: Universe, a game based after an old Disney game called Toontown Online®, is the full version of the game known as Toonblox: Elevator Crisis. Have fun completing tasks in the game, saving Toonblox from the evil Cogs, go fishing at one of the ponds, ride the trolley and compete against other players, or hang out with your friends in Wizard Haven! There are tons of fun things you can do in the game, and many more features are yet to be added!
So, the question is, are you bloxy enough to play this game?

~This game is in beta, so everything hasn't been added to the game yet and and bugs will frequently appear.
~I'm expecting to release at least one major update a week when time permits from my college studies.
~Announcements will be made in the group when there is new content and will be located in the updates section as soon as you enter the game.

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