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Date when project started - 3/6/2016
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Q - How can i change my character or buy items?
A - It's really simple, just go to the catalog, click the hat and buy it.
Now, click the "My ROBLOX" and click the character image, now customize it!
Q - How can i report a user if he does bad stuff as swearing,exploiting..
A - Start recording by clicking F12 in-game, upload it on youtube and send me the link of the video by messaging me. (You must follow me to message me)
Q - how can i play games?
A - click "Games" and then click the game you would like to play.
Q - Can i help with the game or be moderator?
A - To be moderator, you need to be a VERY good scripter, if you're, then pm me!
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