you remember that flash game, Flight! ? ima use bodygyros and other forces to make a 3D version... well attempt to.
i never really complete any of these projects anyway. they're more just aspirations. BUT i will COMPLETE a GAME.

-- 2019 update --
wow this is a surprisingly complete-ish demo. With a random city and savanna/desert generation, full upgrade menu and implementation of space fakeSB, sounds(?), menus, narrative and refinement of the plane's physics (though I can leave that for last)... I have a fully working game. I'll leave this for when I have the energy to go crazy on this, which will happen soon.
-- 2019 --

IDC about the dang quality > quantity thing at this point. who on roblox cares? ill just make the game fast.

W, S = tilt up and down
A,D = yaw left or right (speed up/slow down longer u hold and let go)
L (hold) = type a cheat code. (unlimited fuel = FFF)

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