Find magic spells and use them to defeat your enemies in Spell Battle!

**For a limited time only, you can find the egg Merlin The Meggical! Just use the Egg spell and Merlin will be spawned! But be careful, he will use his magic to create decoys!**


The Spells:
⚑ Hits everyone it touches with a lightning bolt and takes 50 of their health!
🔥 Burns everyone it touches, taking 50 health over a few seconds
☠️ Poisons everyone it touches, and takes 10 health every second for 5 seconds
❄️ Freezes everyone it touches, and takes 20 health!
🔰 Protects whoever uses it from any other spells
❀️ Heals 50% of the health you have lost
🚀 Makes you go super speed!
👻 Makes you go invisible!
🥚 Spawns Merlin and his decoys (limited time only!)


Scripting & UI - Space_Baa
Building - En_oe
Music - Manel_Navola
GFX - SoftGB

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