*Update Version 3.4.6 Added new core status. Fixed glitching to activate meltdown. (:D)
*Update Version 3.4.5 Added newer servers and made server room not ugly

This game is based on a computer core. You are in control. You can Explode the core by heating the core. Freeze the core by cooling the core to -500C or save the core. Its your choice. The core is heated naturally so there is no need to do it yourself. But you can use the cooling fans to cool the core to make a freezedown or to prevent a meltdown. There is a Ecoolant 
conveniently located in Sector D Server Zone (Green Line). But is only for emergency purposes only (will open sometime in a meltdown). There is also a hotshot that can be used during a freezedown. (Will only open during a Freezedown). Thank you for reading this now enjoy my game. :3


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