This is a ROBLOX classic with many different twists and turns. Do you have what it takes to complete the Longest Obby on the platform? With more action-packed courses than ever before (2675+), you'll be guaranteed hours of fun for you and your friends. 


- Free Moderator: 35 Hrs Gameplay 
- Free VIP Admin: 10 Hrs Gameplay
- Free skip: 100 levels
- ...?

Difficulty of each section:

1st Section    - Very Easy
2nd Section  - Easy
3rd Section   - Easy 
4th Section   - Easy/Moderate
5th Section   - Easy/Moderate
6th Section   - Moderate/Challenging
7th Section   - Moderate/Challenging
8th Section   - Moderate/Expert
9th Section   - Moderate/Expert

Voice Chat has been enabled. Turn Graphics Quality down to 1 to enhance gameplay.  Updates can be found at 'Bright Shine Studios' down below!

Tags: Obby, Mega Fun Obby, Parkour, Obstacle Course, Fun, Cool, Epic, Rainbow Obby, Easy, Easy Obby, Colorful, Troll Obby, Escape

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