New FREE US allied weapons pack includes three beloved American classics to kick off your career!

New guns are constantly added to the gun shop! 

 RCL cursor. ID is 973818752
TO CHANGE GUNS: Say !RCL or !SMG, make sure you look for the sign containing weapon names. Caplocks applies.

NOTE: Some weapons are originally resources demanding, incredibly complex requiring a full-game modules or otherwise non FE supported. 

🔥 All new gun shop system with various elite weapons, like RPG, machine guns, sniper rifles. All using the new SPARK SMG kit🔥
⭐ Favorite the game if you like it. ⭐
🛡 FE supported and thus immune to strikes against 'experimental' places from ROBLOX. 🛡
👍 Train your aim whether you are a veteran shooter or a beginner looking to improve. 👍
🔫 Various popular weapons to try and practice. 🔫
🕒 Saving function to keep track of how much you practiced. 🕒
🏆 Leaderboard at the place. Compete who has trained the most! 🏆

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