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 RCL cursor. ID is 973818752

TO CHANGE GUNS: Say !RCL or !SMG, make sure you look for the sign containing weapon names. Caplocks applies.

NOTE: Some weapons are originally resources demanding, incredibly complex requiring a full-game modules or otherwise non FE supported. Those weapons are replicated with their exact stats and models using the SMG kit.

🔥 Group exclusive weapons. Practice with your style. 🔥
⭐ Favorite the game if you like it. ⭐
🛡 FE supported and thus immune to strikes against 'experimental' places from ROBLOX. 🛡
👍 Train your aim whether you are a veteran shooter or a beginner looking to improve. 👍
🔫 Various popular weapons to try and practice. 🔫
🕒 Saving function to keep track of how much you practiced. 🕒
🏆 Leaderboard at the place. Compete who has trained the most! 🏆
😄 Have any guns to send, bugs to report, or suggestions? Contact me! 😄

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