-The game is still in development
>Fixed World 4 boss and showdown
>Added a helpful pet! 🐤

This is an adventure game like no other, full of cut-scenes, explorable worlds, and collectibles. Dab, t-pose, and explore in this wonderful universe. Although your computer is constantly being stolen and you need to get it back! Without it people will be able to alter the world and pose more challenges for you to overcome. Hidden secrets await you, these include extra levels and accessories for your character! 

All data losses, as rare as they are, are not our fault but an issue with the Roblox platform recently. We've heard of ways to get around it but we have no knowledge on the subject yet, hopefully a fix will come soon.

Uuhhh.wav - Obby


Disclaimer: This game is incomplete! ~!!!Levels are proven difficult at times also!!!!~ 


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This game does not support Private Servers.

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